Sargent Sand Co. offers API
30/70, 30/50, 40/70 and 100
Mesh frac sand from its
Ludington sand mine and...
Sargent Sand Co. credits its long-term
success to customer service, quality
in all products that we produce and a
commitment to safety.
Sargent Sand Co. provides
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available for customers to
learn more about industry...
Founded in 1919 by Ford Roland Sargent and his son, Ford Roland Sargent II,
Sargent Sand Co. has been a manufacturer and supplier of high quality silica
sand to the energy, glass and foundry industries.

Strategically located, Sargent Sand Co. has vast reserves of high quality
northern silica sand.

In 2013, Sargent Sand Co. completed a new state of the art washing
and drying facility ensuring continued quality material to meet our
customer's needs.