Located in Ludington, Michigan, Sargent Sand Co. has estimated reserves of
40,000,000 tons of high quality, high crush northern gold API frac sand and
specialty sand.

With a new state-of-the-art processing and drying facility we are capable of
producing 800,000 tons annually of 30/70, 30/50 and 40/70-frac sand that
meets and exceeds API specifications.

Our sand is has a high silica content and low acid demand enabling us to serve
other specialty markets.

The Ludington operation is an extremely low cost option for our customer base.
With minimal waste due to the high silica content and extraction done via
dredge, Sargent Sand Co. is a highly efficient mining and processing company.

Sargent Sand Co. also has many logistical advantages due to our location.
Located on a state highway, we are able to get sand to the market at a highly
cost competitive rate. We are also strategically located with several rail options
available and potential truck transportation direct to the terminal, foundry or
plant location.

Sargent Sand Co. is proud of our management team with many years of
mining, processing, operational and logistical experience.

Our core belief is to produce sand safely with high quality and at the lowest cost
for our customer. With 94 years of experience, we have a reputation service to
our customer after the sale.